By Pass Fat

Product description This Cattle Bypass Fat Powder contains vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This bypass fat for buffalo aids in increasing milk supply and fat percentage. It aids in the improvement of animal growth rates. It is beneficial in cases of … Read More

Calcium propionate

BakeFresh -Calcium Propionate
    (Food Grade)

Molecular formula: C6H10CaO4 With Our product; BakeFresh, you can balance both taste and Health. Enjoy the flavor of your favorite cookies, bread, and cakes without compromising product quality or taste. Product Description A. It is a Food additive present in … Read More

GreenFleet Diesel

Product Description GreenFleet Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), also known as AdBlue or AUS 32, is a liquid that is used in modern diesel engine cars to reduce air pollution, burn unburned fuel, and ensure full combustion of the diesel-air mixture. … Read More

Magnesium Oxide

Chemical Formula: MgO Introduction The most cost-effective grade is Magnesium Oxide, a white solid mineral. This is a magnesium source that occurs naturally as periclase. It is used in the food, feed, paint, ceramic, and other industries. The chemical appears … Read More

Dairyfine-TM (Organic Trace Minerals)

Trace minerals are essential nutrients for animal production, reproduction, immunity, and health. Product Description Dairyfine-TM is a nutritional feed ingredient for ruminants that contains a high concentration of organic trace minerals & PEN (Pregnancy Essential Nutrients). Amino Acid which act … Read More

Technical Grade Urea

Chemical Formula: NH2CONH2 Appearance: Solid Granules Color: Colourless Grade Standard: Technical Grade Product description Urea is the major nitrogen-containing substance in animal urine and plays a significant role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing substances by animals. It is a , … Read More

Zinc EDTA Bag


Product Description Utilized as a fertilizer to compensate for plant zinc shortage, as well as a source of zinc for plants that require zinc for proper growth and higher yields EDTA.    Zn is a high-quality chelated zinc product that … Read More

Zinc Glycinate

Zinc Glycinate is a compound of glycine the smallest essential amino acids. Zinc Glycinate is used as a source zinc and amino acid for food & feed additives, as a fertilizer, amino acid agent for the preparation of drugs, the … Read More

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