Dairyfine-TM (Organic Trace Minerals)

Trace minerals are essential nutrients for animal production, reproduction, immunity, and health.

Product Description
Dairyfine-TM is a nutritional feed ingredient for ruminants that contains a high concentration of organic trace minerals & PEN (Pregnancy Essential Nutrients). Amino Acid which act as chelating agents are the building blocks of protein & essential for proper cattle growth. The mineral amino acid complex offers superior biological availability of trace elements due to its low molecular weight.These glycinates have a stronger bond, better absorption and higher bioavailability.

Constituents: Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Cobalt (Co), Manganese (Mn),Zinc (Zn), Iron(Fe), Iodine(I), Pregnancy Essential Nutrients

Advantages :

  • Organic mineral supplements outperform inorganic salts in terms of bioavailability and usefulness.
  • Trace elements absorption and utilization are enhanced when they are supplemented in organic forms.
  • Efficient in terms of bioavailability, growth, immunity, production, reproduction, and health in cattle.
  • Maintains good cattle health.
  • Offers improvement in optimum skin strength and integrity, which leads to increased footpad health.
  • Effective even in minute doses
  • Organic mineral supplementation improves growth performance in farm animals.
  • In the long-term feeding trial, supplementing cows with organic trace minerals has positive influence on milk output.
  • Organic mineral supplementation has a positive influence on cattle’s reproductive ability.
  • Improves the quality of sperm in bulls.

Dosage: 5-10/head/day or as advised by veterinarian

    Packaging Size: 25 Kg

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