By Pass Fat

Product description
This Cattle Bypass Fat Powder contains vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This bypass fat for buffalo aids in increasing milk supply and fat percentage. It aids in the improvement of animal growth rates. It is beneficial in cases of milk fever. It aids in the recovery of milk supply following sickness. It contributes to an increase in the energy content of the feed. It aids in improving feed digestibility. It is an excellent feed supplement for cattle, buffalo, and farm animals. Keep Your Animals Healthy with our products.

Early lactation rationing of high-producing dairy cattle is energy insufficient. The deficit is exacerbated further by reduced feed intake and increased milk output. Animals usually drop 80-100 kg of body weight after calving. This causes animals to have delayed conception following calving, resulting in extended inter-calving intervals. Our By-Pass Fat Helps in minimizing energy deficiency. This in turn would help in improving milk production and reproduction. Feeding bypass fat does not hamper fiber digestion and is always more beneficial than feeding ghee/oil.

Beneficial Features

  • It helps to Increase Fat Percentage in Milk
  • It helps to improve the Growth Rate of animals
  • Enhances peak milk production and persistency of lactation.
  • Increase reproductive efficiency after calving
  • Decreases metabolic disorders such as ketosis, acidosis & milk fever.
  • It helps to improve the Energy Content of the Feed
  • It helps to improve the Digestibility of feed.

25 kg bags

Safety and storage conditions: Store under clean, dry conditions

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