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“Custom House Agent.”    Is person licenced, temporarily or otherwise, under the regulations imposed under sub-section (2) of Section 146 of the Customs Act, 1962 (52 of 1962), [Section 65(35)], The custom house agent’s services are not restricted to clearing import and export consignments.

The CHA also provides services such as loading/unloading of import/export goods from/at the exporter/premises, importer’s packing, weighing, and measuring of export goods, transportation of export goods to the customs station or transportation of import goods from the customs station to the importer’s premises, and completion of various statutory and other formalities such as payment of octroi expenses, destuffing/pelletisation terminal handling, fumigat handling.

On behalf of the importer/exporter, the custom house agent incurs numerous extra expenditures such as crane/fork lift charges, taxi charges, Photostat and fax charges, bank collection charges, courier service charges, and miscellaneous other expenses. The CHA is normally compensated for all of the following expenses by the importer/exporter for whom the aforesaid services are done. Apart from the aforementioned fees, the CHA also bills the client for his services under the heading/nomenclature of “agency and attendance costs” or similar terms, which is ostensibly his service charge for services given in connection with the import/export of products.

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