Product Description

Utilized as a fertilizer to compensate for plant zinc shortage, as well as a source of zinc for plants that require zinc for proper growth and higher yields EDTA.    Zn is a high-quality chelated zinc product that produces better and faster outcomes than other zinc sources. Zinc EDTA-based Chelated Zinc not only provides plants with physiological stimuli to resist environmental stressors, but it also activates important enzymes to generate more harvestable units per area in less time.


  • Stimulates enzymes responsible for protein synthesis.
  •  Utilized in the creation of chlorophyll and certain carbohydrates, conversion of starches to sugars
  • It is required for the synthesis of auxins, which aid in growth control and stem elongation.
  • Helps to reduce Zinc (Zn) deficiencies in various crops that emerge progressively at different stages of crop growth.


More effective than zinc sulfate In terms of absorption.

Easily translocated inside plants and is readily accessible to the plant system.

Zn-EDTA boosts phosphorous uptake and shoots phosphorus content in plants.

Can be used on all crops and soil types.

Does not burn the leaves and instead aids in the utilization of other nutrients.

Zinc-EDTA is easily taken by roots and digested by the plant system.

After reacting with phosphate in the soil, it does not accumulate.

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