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When you run a business, you need raw materials, technologies that are not available locally,then what!?

  • 01You search out for them in International Market
  • 02Not an easy task we know!!!
  • 03Say, you finally Found It.
  • 04Now, How do you get it?
  • 05Answer is simple “Import It”
  • 06But is the process as simple!??
  • 07Exactly, How would you know?
  • 08But we Do!!

When you are preparing to enter the import business, you may have a lot on your mind. Things may be tough to wrap around your head, especially if it is your first time. The A B C of import may become as complicated as it appears, with all the documentation, prices, and shipping processes to go through. At some point you might feel like dropping the idea of doing it, just then you should know where to go.

Eximanything takes on this difficulty, with our team of professionals managing all of the uncertainty on your side. When it comes to our clients, we take things very personally. We accept their headaches and concerns and do our best to resolve them without troubling them much.

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Importing items supports a country’s economy by supplying excellent materials for production and filling shortages. It raises the standard of output. It balances the costs of goods and also raises living standards by offering goods that are not produced in the country. Because of these advantages, many countries are now active in international commerce. Before beginning the import of commodities, several norms and regulations must be mastered.

Give Yourself a Break from the Paperwork

–No matter how big or small your organization is, importing goods from anywhere is followed by a maze of confusing paperwork, government regulations, and changing trade laws.

Let our experts deal with it!!

Different nations have different policies and apply different processes for import approval. There may also be certain agreements between the governments of two nations that engage import and export business with each other. As a result, agreement-based import-export might enjoy various exemptions from the documentation necessary for customs clearance.

Things Need to be known for Documentation

  • Country of origin and destination to which the product is being imported
  • Parties to the transaction- Consignee, Brokers, Shipper, Agents, banks
  • Transshipment
  • Commodity- End-use, Safety, Agriculture, Service
  • Transportation Mode- Air, Ocean, Truck, Rail etc.
  • Size- Weight, Dimensions, Volume of consignment

Must have documents

The Bill of Entry

A bill of entry is a legal document that is necessary for import customs clearance within thirty days of the shipment’s arrival at the customs station. It is filed by the importer or CHA and is governed by the customs agency and the Reserve Bank of India (in case of Indian importers). The bill of entry is a key measure of a country’s overall external remittances.

Invoice for Commercial Services

This is one of the most crucial documents needed for customs clearance. The invoice assists the concerned customs official in determining the value. They compute the assessable value based on the terms of delivery specified in the business invoice.

Bill of Landing

A bill of landing is a document issued by a carrier that is presented to customs for clearance. When shipping by air, an airway bill is necessary. It is provided by the carrier and provides information on the goods as well as delivery terms.

Import License

Some formalities and customs clearance processes for specific items necessitate the use of an import licence. According to government requirements, a licence is required for some items.

Certificate of Insurance

The insurance certificate is a document that protects the buyer’s statement on delivery terms. It assists customs officials in verifying the selling price, including insurance, under import cargo.

Purchase Order

The purchase order contains all of the terms and conditions of the sale contract, allowing customs officials to corroborate the value assessment. It is necessary for the clearance of imported products at customs.

EximAnything's professional and competent team quickly processes import documents from various nations across the world. Our global network enables us to prepare for import on time and at a lower cost as compared to the global market.

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