Quality Assurance

“What matters is that the quality is satisfactory”

Quality inspection is essential for both the seller and the buyer to guarantee that the product fulfils specified quality standards and conforms with international legislation in order for customs clearance to be completed on time. We provide quality assurance services to give our customers peace of mind when they buy or sell items on the worldwide market.

It is an intentional and planned effort with the goal of determining the quality of a product and accepting it as such if it meets specified standards, or taking suitable measures to correct the quality if it does not meet these requirements. Quality control is best done over the course of an article’s manufacturing, beginning with the raw materials and progressing through the numerous phases to the finished product, with special care paid to packaging, storage, and transport.”

Pre-shipment inspection

It is the process of inspecting a batch of products immediately prior to shipping to see whether it fulfils the shipment requirements, which may be concerned with the quality, weight, packing, contraband character, and so on.”

The basic idea of quality control is to ‘ascertain’ the level and ‘confirm’ that the level fulfils the required standards. The quality level (high, medium, or low) is determined by how rich or deficient the specifications are. The product’s quality is decided in relation to the buyer’s needs. It should be regarded in a relative sense rather than an absolute sense. It makes no difference whether the product is of high or low quality. 

The Advantages of Quality Assurance

Reduce the possibility of late delivery.

Assurance of product compliance with established industrial standards
Confirm that the right quantities are exported.

Reduce the number of customer complaints due to defective merchandise.
Ensure that the agreed-upon quality and quantity of items supplied are consistent with purchase orders and letters of credit.

Product Readiness Evaluation

Is your product export-ready?

This is one of the most important concerns an exporter must address before entering the foreign market. Our export-import specialists will inspect the goods to ensure that it complies with all export processes and compliance regulations. They will flag areas of non-compliance, important areas, or infractions, and even provide best practises to assure the product’s worldwide conformance.

Advantages of Product Readiness Audit

Reduce the likelihood of product rejection.

Early identification of potential areas for improvement
Product compliance with international trade laws.

Make a step-by-step plan to achieve export readiness.

Assist in preparing for foreign sales.

Increase Export Sales, Acquire Expertise, and Transfer Knowledge.

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