BakeFresh -Calcium Propionate
    (Food Grade)

Molecular formula: C6H10CaO4

With Our product; BakeFresh, you can balance both taste and Health. Enjoy the flavor of your favorite cookies, bread, and cakes without compromising product quality or taste.

Product Description

    • A. It is a Food additive present in a variety of foodstuffs, particularly baked products.


    • B. Contributes to extending the shelf life of many perishable foods.


    • C. Prevents mold and bacterial growth in the baking industry.


    D. Food preservative that is commonly used to help preserve various bakery products.

Direction for use: Add a small quantity into flour or other dry ingredients or mix it well in water.

Product Specifications

This Organic salt is produced naturally by the interaction of calcium hydroxide with propionic acid.

  • Colour:White
  • Texture: Dry Crystalline Powder
  • Packaging Size: 20 Kg
  • CAS No: 14281-83-5
  • Boiling Point:240.9°C
  • Dosage: 0.2% – 0.5%


Calcium propionate can be used in bakery products for:

  • mold control, particularly in yeast-leavened items
  • consistent fungal protection with minimum organoleptic influence.


  • Prevents the growth of fungi and other microbes.
  • It has no effect on baking powder’s leavening action.
  • It enhances the flavour of baked goods.
  • It also has nutritional advantage as it contains calcium as a source.

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