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Customs clearance is required for any commercial shipment, whether it is for import or export. Simply defined, enterprises exporting and importing products to and from the country must clear various customs hurdles established by the government.

Customs clearance often entails the preparation of documentation that may be submitted online or physically with the shipment. This assists the relevant authorities in calculating the taxes and charges that will be charged on the consignment.

The documentation needed for customs clearance are typically determined by the type of goods being sent. It may also differ based on the cargo’s origin and destination country. However, as a general rule, most enterprises must comply with a set of general paperwork when importing or exporting commodities.

Documentation Required for  Clearance of Customs

  • ProForma Invoice
  • Customs Packing List
  • Country of Origin or COO Certificate
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Shipping Bill
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Bill of Sight
  • Letter of Credit
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Export License
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Health Certificates

All items imported into India must go through the customs system for thorough scrutiny, appraisal, assessment, and evaluation. This assists customs authorities in charging the correct tax and checking the products for unlawful imports. It is also vital to note that no import is permitted in India unless the importer has an IEC number given by the DFGT. If the items are imported for personal use, no IEC number is required.

Bill of Entry

A Bill of Entry, also known as a Shipment Bill, is a declaration made by the shipper and delivered to a customhouse detailing the kind and value of items to be imported or exported. The importer must file a bill of entry in four copies: the original and duplicate are for customs, the third copy is for the importer, and the fourth copy is for the bank to make remittances.

If the goods are cleared via the EDI system, no formal Bill of Entry is necessary because it is created in the computer system, but the importer is required to make a cargo declaration with the prescribed particulars required for customs clearance procedure.

Along with the bill of entry filed by the importer or his representative under the non-EDI system, the following papers are normally required:

  • Signed invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading or Delivery Order/Airway Bill
  • GATT declaration form duly filled in
  • Importers/ CHA’s declaration
  • License wherever necessary
  • Letter of Credit/Bank Draft/wherever necessary
  • Insurance document
  • Import license
  • Industrial License, if required
  • Test report in case of chemicals
  • Adhoc exemption order
  • DEEC Book/DEPB in original

Bill of Entry Amendment

When errors are discovered after papers have been submitted, modifications to the bill of entry are made with the consent of the Deputy/Assistant Commissioner.

Green Channel service

Some big importers have been granted green channel approval. It signifies that products are cleared without being subjected to normal inspection. They must make a declaration on the declaration form when filing the bill of entry. The appraisal is carried out in the usual manner, with the exception that there will be no physical evaluation of the products.

Payment of Taxes

Import duty can be paid at authorised banks or by using TR-6 challans. Different Custom Houses have authorised different banks to pay duty, therefore before depositing the duty, check the name of the bank and the branch.

Prior Entry for Bill of Entry or Shipping Bill

Allowing for speedier clearance of commodities, this bill of entrance is valid if the vessel/aircraft transporting the cargo arrives within 30 days of the date the bill of entry is presented.

Bond/Warehousing Bill of Entry

For the clearing of items for storage, a distinct kind of bill of entry is employed. This bill of entry is assessed in the same way as a conventional bill of entry, and the duty payable is calculated.

What does it mean to be held up at customs?

There are various reasons why you are being stopped at customs. It implies that the package you shipped is being detained by officials in the destination country to confirm that it is legal to cross the border. It might be a forbidden item or faulty documentation that is causing the box to be kept there.

For newbies, preparing for documents may be a daunting experience because the list is rather lengthy, and the thought of getting stuck in customs can easily overwhelm anyone. If you do not want to go through such problems, you can always contact EximAnything.

How Eximanything can help in customs clearance ?

All importers wish to avoid the dreaded notification “Shipment on Customs Hold” or “Shipment is “Stuck” in Customs. A smooth Customs operation enhances the supply chain and transit time overall. There are numerous frequent reasons why a shipment may be held for Customs clearance. Missing documentation and information are the most prevalent reasons for goods being detained for Customs clearance. Documentation and information gaps are frequently rectified at the source through process improvement, implementation, and training. The following are five of the most typical gaps that might cause a shipment to be held at the border.

We provide the most well-connected and professional Customs Clearing Services. Our years of expertise in several Indian ports enable us to safely ensure our clients of a simple and speedy customs clearance.

Customs clearance employment entails preparing and submitting papers necessary to facilitate exports or imports into the country, representing clients during customs scrutiny, assessment, and payment of duty, and caring for goods after clearance along with documents.

On your behalf, we handle all trade compliance and processes. so you can concentrate on expanding your business Our goodwill and ethical business practices enable us to expedite the clearance of consignments arriving by air, sea, and land. Our loyal and expanding customer appreciates us because we are trustworthy, dependable, and efficient.

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