“Maintain the quality of your goods throughout the shipping process.”

If you’re new to the import-export game, you might be wondering what happens to your products once they’re transported; do they arrive in the same condition as they left? What can you do in this regard?

EximAnything provides the best fumigation services on the market, ensuring that your cargo does not face  quality issues once shipped.

What is Fumigation and why its necessary?

Exporting commodities or products need a greater level of protection, and fumigation is one of the methods that helps to provide insect and pest-free commodities or containers, ensuring that items are protected from destruction. Infestation around ports can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • The amount of moisture in the air
  • Insect and pest residue that induces infection
  • Insect-infested containers from earlier transit

Fumigation is the best way to ensure that your items are protected against insects and vermin. EximAnything  is an approved  fumigation service provider who uses correct fumigation procedures that comply with sanitary measures and by using the necessary temperature and pressure for the chemical used in the export fumigation treatment.
When wood products are used to pack export goods, the buyer often demands that the provider fumigate the shipment and provide a fumigation certificate along with other export paperwork. In most countries, fumigation is a legal obligation for the buyer. As a result, the fumigator issues a fumigation certificate after getting authorisation for fumigation from the licencing authorities. Most nations will not allow products to be imported without a fumigation certificate, if one is required.

How we can be of help?
Eximanything can assist you with container fumigation, ship fumigation, or any pest treatment for import/export. We have the experience and skills to maintain the quality of your commodities while also assisting you in meeting import standards across the supply chain.

We apply for and get necessary permissions and licences, as well as assist in ensuring that all requirements are followed. We can supply you with the fumigation certifications you require to fulfil shipping standards and get you on your way.

We fumigate the warehouses where commodities are stored before being exported, as well as containers where items are loaded for export. Prior fumigation saves money on fumigation and guarantees that your goods are safe during their voyage.

The low cost of our Container Fumigation Service is well-known. This service is provided in line with industry-specific quality standards and the highest-quality raw materials available.

Empty Container Fumigation Services are provided based on our awareness of the difficulties caused by pests and rats. Our experts come to your location and assess the situation to determine the core cause of the issue. The professionals make certain that the services are supplied on time and without complications.

As a fumigation service provider, we provide the following services:

Import/export fumigation of raw and processed goods

Import/export fumigation of logs, miscellaneous, wood chips, and pallets

Import/export fumigation of fruits, dried fruits, and vegetables

Warehouses where goods are held for import/export are fumigated.

Import/export fumigation of empty containers

Import/export fumigation of packed containersOur objective is to help you get your product to market quickly and safely, while also extending its shelf life.

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