Shipments may be booked, managed, and paid for, and you can access a spectrum of goods and services designed to ease your supply chain.
EximAnything is devoted to utilising our technology and logistics ecosystem to deliver a one-stop port-to-port shipping solution for exporters and importers in the face of rising shipping demands. We hope to protect the whole cross-border line-haul network and increase the stability of sea and air freight shipping by collaborating closely with airlines and cargo enterprises.

Access the most comprehensive shipping service platform.

Do you want to transfer goods by ship? FCL versus LCL? Bulk or Split Bulk? Everything you need to know about shipping may be found on. We have compiled a comprehensive list of shipping services in one location.

Booking is the process of arranging for the reserve of freight space or a vessel with a carrier. It comprises an agreement on carriage terms and conditions. The assignment of a booking number ensures that the reservation is finalised. Booking is not a document, but confirmation of a booking is.

Select from a Variety of Container Types

EximAnything provides container types appropriate for every sort of goods.

Our containers fulfil all ISO specifications as well as the most recent safety rules. A global inspection method ensures the quality of the equipment. A certification society oversees and confirms the practise on a regular basis.

We also provide creative transportation options for any type of unusual goods

Container for dry cargo

Suitable for all types of common freight. All containers have numerous lashing mechanisms mounted on longitudinal rails and corner posts. The High Cube container is specifically built for large loads. Hardtop containers are available for high and extremely high loads.

Special Cargo container

Heavy loads, oversize freight, and project cargo can all be transported in special containers. On longitudinal rails and corner posts, there are several very powerful lashing mechanisms.

Cargo container reefer

Containers are available to maintain temperature control ranges as low as -35°C and as high as +30°C at ambient temperatures as high as 50°C. Design with a low tare weight and a large payload.

How the Process is carried out

The forwarder makes container reservations online. It is carried out following an assessment of the transit time and freight rate. The export executive will pick the type of container and the size of the container after receiving the shipper’s invoice and packing list as a shipment booking.

The first two or three shipping lines that offer service between the origin and destination ports as specified on the export invoice will be shortlisted. Executive will select the shipping line with the shortest travel time and the lowest freight charge. Invoice and packing list is used for container booking
Following details would be required :

  • Port of Loading
  • Port of Discharge
  • Type of conatiner
  • size of container
  • Commodity
  • HS Code

All of this information must be given to the shippig line, and the forwarder will receive an acknowledgement, followed by the booking confirmation. The shipping line will assign a container booking number, which will be used as a reference for the booking.

The forwarder will provide the transporter with the container booking confirmation form.

The empty container will be picked up and sent to the shipper plant or container freight terminal for cargo stuffing.

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