Need of Organic Trace Minerals for Cattle Feed

Need of Organic Trace Minerals for Cattle Feed

Organic trace minerals

They play a vital role in the feed industry and the metabolic well-being of cattle. Trace minerals are added to feed to improve its quality. They are made by connecting minerals to organic molecules such as polysaccharides and amino acids and are referred to as chelates.

Cattle feed organic trace minerals offer multiple benefits in terms of immunity, reproduction, growth, and digestion. They are found in both organic and inorganic sources, including zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt.

OTM collectively forms a nutritional feed ingredient for cattle that contains a high concentration of organic trace minerals and PEN (Pregnancy Essential Nutrients).

Besides, amino acids, which act as chelating agents, are the building blocks of protein and are essential for animal growth. The mineral amino acid complex offers superior biological availability of trace elements due to its low molecular weight. These glycinates have a stronger bond, better absorption, and higher bioavailability, resulting in higher growth of animals.

Some Constituents of Organic Trace Minerals-

Manganese (Mn)

Magnesium (Mg)

Copper (Cu)


Zinc (Zn)



Pregnancy: Essential Nutrients


  • Beneficial for aquaculture, poultry, and cattle.
  • Help to improve growth rate, milk production, immunity, and resistance power in cattle.
  • Efficient in terms of bioavailability
  • Trace minerals are beneficial for farm animals’ reproduction.


  • Outperform inorganic salts in terms of bioavailability and usefulness.
  • Trace element absorption and utilization are enhanced as they are supplemented in organic forms.
  • Efficient in terms of bioavailability, growth, immunity, production, reproduction, and health in several animal species.
  • Maintains maximum animal health.
  • It offers improvement in optimum skin strength and integrity, which led to increased footpad integrity and health.
  • Its supplementation improves growth performance in animals.
  • In the long-term feeding trial, supplementing cows with it has a positive influence on milk output.
  • Micro-minerals are extremely important in farm animals’ reproduction.
  • Has a positive influence on reproductive success in numerous trials.
  • It improves the quality of sperm in bulls.
  • Effective even in minute doses.

Dosage Of Organic Trace Minerals

They are a vital part of the mineral balance in cattle. Also, they are required for normal growth and development, reproductive activities, and maintaining health. So, the recommended dose is 5-10/head/day or as advised by your veterinarian.

Since we are all inspired to have a nutritious diet in our lives. Milk and other dairy products, along with meat and poultry products, are all said to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now the question is how we can sustain it.

Undoubtedly “OTM” is a perfect choice!

Consequently, organic trace minerals should be added to cattle and poultry feed regularly for their better health and production.




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