Freight Forwarding

What Is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is the strategic planning and execution of logistics for the worldwide transportation of commodities on behalf of shippers. Freight forwarders act as freight travel agents. Most importers and exporters utilize freight forwarding services to schedule freight shipments. Freight … Read More

Import – Export Business In India

Import Export Business is tempting, exciting, lucrative and global. There is no saturation point in the business in India. India has to go a long way to be among top ten exporters in the world. The government of India had … Read More

Introduction to the Indian Import Procedure

Import Trade The import trade is regulated by the government bodies in every nation around the world. The purchasing of products from a foreign country is known as import trade. Different countries have different import procedures based on import regulations, legal requirements, and … Read More

Mistakes to Avoid in Customs Form

In the import-export business, filling out international customs forms is a hard task, but a vital part of international shipping. All border authorities take Customs Form seriously. Every bit of a filled-out form is scanned and scrutinized carefully. Many exporters … Read More

Economic Dumping In Export Business

What is Economic Dumping in EXIM business? Economic dumping is taking place all around us. When an exporter sells a product in another country at a lower price compared to the price of the same product in the destination country. … Read More

Complete Guide to “Customs Clearance”

All the processes of getting goods across international borders can be very confusing and frustrating. Because in terms of exporting or importing goods and other useful cargo inside or outside the region, it is not an easy task. There are … Read More

Best Export Solutions To Grow Business

Export trading companies generally deal with offering support services to businesses that engage in exporting. Their services typically include warehousing, logistics of products, regulatory compliance, insurance, and more. When it comes to Import-Export businesses, law and regulation compliance is a … Read More

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