How to Export Spices from India?

How to Export Spices from India?

How To Export Spices From India?

India is the world’s largest spice producer. India is also the world’s top exporter and user of spices. India produced 10.7 million metric tons of spices in 2020-21.

India has a solid reputation in the Indian spice export market. As a result, natural spices from different nations are in high demand, particularly the flavor, which appeals to everyone. The Indian spice export company was one of India’s early spice export enterprises due to the lengthy history of Indian spices.

India- Largest Exporter of Spices

India is the largest exporter of spices globally. As per the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), India exported $ 4.1 billion worth of spices in FY 2021-22. From this share, $ 1.8 Bn constituted core spices – dried chilli, cumin, and turmeric, followed by over US$ 1.2Bn exports of mint products, spice oils, and oleoresins.

Globally, India holds first place in chilli, cumin, and turmeric exports. In FY 2022, China and the US formed a substantial market for India’s overall spices. While China is India’s top importer of chilli, cumin, and various mint products, the US primarily imports curry powders and pastes, spice oils, and oleoresins. Moreover, India exports turmeric and ginger to Bangladesh and some core spices, like small cardamom, to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. These regions collectively comprise over 50% of India.

 Indian spice enterprises have achieved considerable profit and have assisted the country in establishing a strong position in the import-export market.

However, this spice export firm, like any other import-export company, needs a comprehensive approach to comprehend the fundamentals of the sector. So, before we get started, let’s look at the opportunities for Indian spice exporters.

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The Scope Of Indian Spice Exports

The Indian industry is fast spreading its impact in other nations because of its flavor and quality. India is credited for the creation and development of around 75 of the world’s 109 species. Because of India’s tropical and non-tropical climates, the agricultural industry can cultivate a wide range of spices, which are now grown in practically every state.

How To Export Spices From India

  • Entrepreneurs must first decide what sort of business they want to start and which spice they want to specialize in before learning how to export from India. Depending on your hobbies and financial resources, you might then become a manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, retailer, or exporter.
  • Following that, you must perform market research to discover more about the spice market and the spices in which you specialize. It will help to establish a long-term supply network for the spice.
  • Following that, you’d need to meet with suppliers and dealers to purchase their spices in bulk. To tackle this, you’ll need to find an appropriate storage location and either rent or own it. If you want to launch a retail business in addition to your manufacturing facility, you’ll need to invest in essential machinery and equipment.


Indian spices should be the torchbearer for agricultural goods to increase the importance of ‘Brand India’ globally to support and attain $ 10 billion in exports by FY 2027. Achieving an annual growth rate of 19.5% is critical, according to a new analysis.

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