Exporting Onions From India

Exporting Onions From India

Exporting Onions From India

Onions are well-known around the world for their capacity to enhance the flavor of meals. People all across the world utilize them not just in their daily cooking, but they are also consumed raw and have therapeutic characteristics. Although every country enjoys it, only a few countries manufacture it, with India being one among them. It is the second largest exporter of onions, after only China. It is popular because of its spiciness and zingy flavor, as well as its year-round availability. The global onion farming area is around 20 lakh hectares. India boasts the largest, at 4 hectares, with China and others close after. Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh account for around 45 percent of total onion production. 80-90% of Maharashtra’s supply comes from Lasalgaon, Asia’s largest wholesale onion market.

India Is The World’s Greatest Onion Exporter

Due to higher realizations and increased demand from countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal, fresh onion exports in dollar terms hit a three-year high in 2021-22.

Onion shipments climbed by 21% in currency terms to 3,432 crores in 2021-22, up from 2,826 crores the previous year.

Onions are often exported throughout the year, although the rabi crop, which is seeded in December-January and harvested in March, accounts for the majority of the export basket because of the bulb’s reduced moisture content and longer shelf life.

Types Of Onion Yield In India

  • Red Onion
  • White Onion
  • Multiplier Onion
  • Spanish Brown
  • Small Common Onion

Pusa Ratnar, Pusa Red, Pusa White Round, Agrifound Dark Red, Agrifound Light Red, NHRDF Red, Agrifound White, Agrifound Rose. Yellow onion types suited for export in European nations.

Cultivation Areas

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Telangana are the primary onion-growing states. In 2020-21, Maharashtra stands top in onion farming with 39%, followed by Madhya Pradesh with 17%.

Indian Onion Demand

There is a huge market for Indian onions across the world; in 2021-22, the country exported 1,537,496.89 MT of fresh onions to the world for a total value of Rs. 3,432.14 crores/460.52 USD million.

More than 100 nations around the world, mostly in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the United States, import a significant share of India’s veggies and fruits. Indian Onion is extremely popular worldwide.

As a result, the government began paying a 5% subsidy on Indian onion exports to promote the sale of any surplus outside of India.

India’s Onion Export Markets

For the past three years, Bangladesh has been India’s most significant export market. The sector delivered 4.3 billion rupees worth of onion to Malaysia.

India’s second-largest onion exporter is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2020, India sent $40 million in onions to the UAE, accounting for 13.45 percent of total onion exports to the nation.

India is the largest exporter of onion, followed by Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, Bangladesh, and the United Kingdom.

Because of the enormous demand for Indian onions across the world, any firm interested in growing into the onion export market in India stands a good chance of success.

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