By Pass Fat for Cattle

By Pass Fat for Cattle

Cattle Bypass Fat Powder contains vitamins, minerals, and herbs. This bypass fat for buffalo aids in increasing milk supply and fat percentage. increases the rate of animal growth. It helps those who have milk fever. Following illness, it helps restore the milk supply. The energy content of the feed rises as a result. It helps increase the digestion of feed. It is a great addition to the feed for cattle, buffalo, and other farm animals.

Having a high melting point and remaining insoluble at rumen temperature, bypass fat has no negative effects on rumen fermentation. Bypassing the rumen is intended to protect the healthy unsaturated fatty acids from microbial biohydrogenation.

Applications Of Bypass Fat-

Energy is insufficient when high-yield dairy animals are rationed during early lactation. Reduced feed intake and increased milk output make the shortage worse.

After calving, cattle typically lose 80–100 kg of body weight.

That further results in extended inter-calving intervals arising from animals’ delayed conception after calving. Thus, By Pass Fat satisfies the nutritional needs of high-performance dairy animals.

Benefits Of Bypass Fat-

  • It helps to increase the milk fat percentage.
  • It helps to improve the growth rate of cattle.
  • Enhances peak milk production and persistence of lactation.
  • Increase reproductive efficiency after calving.
  • It decreases metabolic disorders such as ketosis, acidosis & milk fever in farm animals
  • It helps to improve the energy content of the feed.
  • It helps to improve the digestibility of feed.
  • Ideal energy supplement for animals in advanced pregnancy and lactation.
  • Enhanced milk production.
  • Boosts reproductive efficiency.
  • Effective against Acidosis, Milk Fever, and Ketosis.
  • Improves flavor and boosts feed intake, it has additional flavoring and sweetness.

Efficient cattle feed supplements improve cattle health, fertility, and milk production. It is a great addition to the feed for cattle, buffalo, and other farm animals. Buy now Bypass Fat for cattle!

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