All About Nominated Cargo In Export-Import

All About Nominated Cargo In Export-Import

What do Nominated Cargo /routing order mean?

The appointed carrier for picks up of products and arrangement for the delivery of the goods to the destination in case of a nominated shipment.

If the conditions of delivery are ex-works in an export import trade, the foreign buyer determines the carrier of products. He appoints a carrier to pick up products from the supplier’s plant and arranges for the goods to be delivered to his location.

Who chooses the shipping line for nominated shipment ?

The carrier might be a freight forwarder, consolidator, or any other mode of transportation. When the package arrives at the buyer’s supplier’s location, the supplier notifies the buyer. The foreign buyer hires a carrier to transport items from the seller’s location to his.
In a cargo whose delivery is FOB, the buyer-importer chooses the shipping carrier from the port of loading to the ultimate destination.

Conditions under which a buyer selects a carrier in the import and export trade

If the delivery terms are DDU, DAP, or DDP, the exporter that supplies the products chooses a carrier to deliver the items to the consignee’s site.

Because the conditions are DDU, DAP, or DDP, the Shipper that supplies goods is responsible for paying the expenses of delivery of the consignment up to the door of the consignee.

As a result, the seller of goods appoints a carrier at the ultimate destination to carry cargo to the consignee’s premises at his own expense.

 Freight and other charges in a routed cargo

If the delivery terms are DDU or DDP, the supplier pays the freight and other expenses up to the consignee’s door. If the delivery terms are ex-works, the consignee must bear the freight and additional expenses.
The consignee/importer chooses the shipping carrier in an ex-works cargo, whereas the shipper/exporter chooses the shipping carrier in a DDU or DDP shipment.

Import & Export Nomination

If the Customer wishes to use a Direct to Vessel Service, the Export Nomination must specify the specific Direct to Vessel Service requested by the customer.  Also, the information required in accordance with the respective conditions for obtaining the Direct to Vessel Service under the Access Agreement.

To prevent ambiguity, the Port Operator’s acceptance of a Combination Notice results in an irreversible merging of the capacity. If the Port Operator rejects a Combination Notice, the Port Operator may still accept an Export Nomination using the Shipping Windows indicated in the Combination.

Additional fees may be levied against the Port Operator to reimburse the Port Operator’s reasonable expenditures incurred when a Customer seeks changes to the Export Nomination.

CBH will provide Port Outurning Services to a Customer that submits an Export Nomination and elects to use Post-Harvest Direct to Vessel.
The Customer must pay the Late Vessel Fee, if a Customer’s vessel arrives outside of the Shipping Window, but within the Grace Period after Port Operator accepts the Export Nomination.

 Processing Of Nomination

After receiving the verified Export Nomination and ETA, each Customer gets an assembly window for a Customer Co-ordinated Cargo. So, the Customer will be able to bring loads of Grain to the Port Terminal Facility for the purposes of Export Accumulation ( Assembly Window) during that time.

It requires the use of two Shipping Windows at the same Port, when the Port Operator approves an Export Nomination. The later Shipping Window decides the Vessel’s priority.

An Export Nomination for Customer Co-ordinated Cargo must be submitted using the Platform at least twenty-two (22) days prior to the ETA of the vessel actually nominated to be loaded in the Export Nomination.

Each Interconnector User involved in the entire transfer requires a separate Import Nomination.

 Nomination for Export-Import 

When signing an Import Nomination or Export Nomination, total Transit Allocations and Import Allocations must equal the Import Nomination in each Settlement Period. Each Interconnector User must submit a separate Import Nomination.

Nomination is a written designation by a Shipper to the Carrier of an approximate amount for Transportation from a specified origin point(s) to a specified destination point(s) during a one-month period.

Nominations is the procedure through which the customer or the customer’s representative advises the Company of projected transportation volumes .

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